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The Perfect Party Starts Here!

At Tomardo Entertainment, we do a ton of Weddings, Parties and Special Events. We not only have the best DJ’s, we give you the option of adding live entertainment to your DJ Package! Adding live entertainment is like putting icing on the cake. Cake is pretty good… icing makes it a whole lot better!

You want your event to be special.  You want everyone dancing and having a good time.  During dinner, most DJ’s will throw on some piano music and grab something to eat themselves. Why not treat your guests to a Singer for dinner or cocktail hour… Or have a Percussionist play along with the DJ for the main reception?

It is often said that the food could be good, the reception hall can be beautiful, but the entertainment is what makes a party great. Give us a call for your next event… We’ll blow your mind, not your budget!

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